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Can we get some “girl” toys from the Avengers movies? Like some Black Widow or Lady Sif dolls? Dress up outfits?

My daughter finds it very unfair that there are so many Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man toys when all she wants is a Black Widow or Sif doll to hang out with her Disney Princesses and have tea parties.

She would also like an 11 1/2 inch Deadpool fashion doll to annoy the princesses.

  • ME: THERE'S NO BOOZE IN DISNEY LAND? Oh Becca will never be going there... I could try to sneak a flask in, but I knowing those nazis I wouldn't get pass the 7 Dwarf security
  • RYAN: Rofl. Or the dragon... Or the cats...
  • ME: I imagine the 7 dwarves doing security. Imagine Dopey trying to tell you that you're kicked out of the park...
  • Ryan: Lmfao. Or Grumpy.
  • ME: I think Grumpy would kick your ass.
  • RYAN: He's the bouncer.
  • ME: Bashful would be kind of amusing as security. And Sleepy would rock because he'd just sleep through everything
  • RYAN: Sneezy would be best 'G-g-get out b-before you g-get the f-f-flu! ACHOOOOOO!"
  • ME: Happy would just try to soften the blow of everything....
  • RYAN: He's the Ellen Degeneres of the group.
  • ME: I bet the 101 Dalmations would be the drug sniffing dogs...
  • RYAN: Lmfao. Scar is the punishment for breaking rules.
  • ME: And the hyenas...
  • RYAN: And Jafar is the ticket guy...
  • ME: I can't decide if we're really funny... Or really big losers... And I'm also thinking the Genie would be good at selling the merchandise...
  • RYAN: Lmfao. And the Beast is the hostess at the restaurant.
  • ME: the fairies from Sleeping Beauty are the maids at the hotel... And they're constantly changing the colors of stuff and bickering about it
  • RYAN: And the teapots from Beauty and the Beast are the cooks.
  • RYAN: lmfao yes!
  • ME: So guests are constantly dodging their wands so they don't get changed into pink or blue
  • RYAN: Rofl. :')
  • RYAN: sebastian is a waitor
  • ME: the candlestick from Beauty and the Beast is a lounge singer :D
  • RYAN: Hercules is a custodian :D
  • ME: Pain and Panic (those are the names of Hades's little guys right?) are bus-boys :D
  • RYAN: Bahahahaha. :D
  • RYAN: Zazu is a tour guide.
  • ME: He would be an awesome tour guide :D
  • RYAN: He has the perfect voice for it.
  • ME: He totally does
  • ME: I can't think of any other ones...
  • RYAN: Timone and Pumba = Stand Up comics at the lounger where the candle stick sings
  • ME: o0o0o The Mayor from Nightmare Before Christmas could work the complaint desk... "I'm just an elected official!"
  • RYAN: LMFAO Imma start saying that. "Where'd all the cookies go, Ryan?!" "I don't know! I'm just an elected official!"
  • ME: "What the hell does that have to do with the cookies?"
  • ME: Was there any Disney characters that painted? I can't remember
  • RYAN: No but I can see Quasi Moto doing it
  • RYAN: Or however it's spelled
  • ME: Quasimodo (I think... not sure) could paint pictures of people for money...
  • RYAN: The Gargoyles and esmerelda would make up the street beggers who perofrm for money.
  • ME: Need someone to just walk around and ask people how they're enjoying the park...
  • RYAN: Ursula. xD
  • RYAN: Or Jack.
  • ME: Jack would be good... Though Ursula would be trying to con you into trading something for a better experience...
  • RYAN: The witch from Snow White would be the street vendor that sells vegetables/fruit
  • ME: The mirror would work the information booth
  • ME: "Yeah, I'm trying to find the..." "Snow White is the most beautiful in the land" "Yeah, that's nice but I'm looking for..." "Snow White is the most beautiful in the land" "Okay, but I need the bathroom!"
  • RYAN: Lmfao. :')
  • RYAN: Fairy God mother would operate the Police Force. she be turnin' mice to men and sending 'em out.
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