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I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier the other day. It was a cool costume.

This was both my first time using my new Mehron paints (which I LOVE) and my first ever attempt at body painting. Turns out painting your own arm is REALLY hard.

Mehron Paradise paints

EDIT: have been getting questions about the clothes - they’re paint, not a costume :)

Mother o’ god this is PERFECT

Holy shit

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Artist of the Week - Boris Vallejo

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love it

Umbrella Sky by Marta Dahlig


Another Mass Effect Fan-Fiction with the prompt “Covered in feathers”. Gay sex is mentioned, so yeah…


  “I liked that pillow,” Trick said.
  “Sorry,” Kaidan said. His voice a little raspier than normal.
  “Guess I should take it as a compliment,” Trick said. “Because of my sexual abilities, you shredded my pillow.”
  “Sorry,” Kaidan said blowing a feather off his lip.
  “And your pillow,” Trick added. “Which I just bought you.”
  “Sorry,” Kaidan said.
  “You look like a giant bird by the way,” Trick said. “Those pillows had a lot of feathers.”
  Kaidan just grunted.
  “Never thought I would be attracted to a giant bird,” Trick continued.
  Another grunt from Kaidan.
  “You do make feathers look good.”
  “Especially when they’re stuck in your hair.”
  Kaidan jumped up and ran to the bathroom.
  “Thought that would get you up,” Trick called to Kaidan’s feather covered back.


Just some random Mass Effect fan-fiction using the prompt “Lying in the grass”. Takes place after the third game. Really no spoilers though…


  “Ready to go home?” Kaidan asked Trick.
  “Home?” Trick questioned.
  “The Normandy is a short shuttle ride away. The hamster misses you,” Kaidan replied. Kaidan never called the hamster by his name. Trick guessed calling a little furry creature by your last name would feel a little weird.
  “Home,” Trick said with a nod.
  Trick was finally leaving the hospital. He still had some healing to do, walked with a limp, had random pains, but he could leave.
  The two of them walked out of the hospital holding hands.
  “There’s Steve with the shuttle,” Kaidan said. But Trick didn’t move. He was staring at something beside the sidewalk.
  “You coming?” Kaidan asked.
  “In a minute,” Trick said limping over to a small patch of grass.
  “What’s up?” Kaidan asked.
  Trick didn’t say anything. He stopped in front of the patch of grass. He stared at it for a few seconds before handing Kaidan his jacket and laying down on the grass.
  “You okay?” Kaidan asked. Worry filled his voice.
  “Grass. Beautiful, green grass,” Trick said. He closed his eyes and ran his hands over the grass.
  Kaidan laid down next to Trick.
  “When I was a kid, growing up on space stations, I never seen real grass,” Trick said. “So many times on missions I would see grass, and I just wanted to strip down and lay on it. To finally figure out what real grass felt like.”
  “Real grass is nice,” Kaidan said.
  “It feels wonderful,” Trick turned his head and breathed deeply. “It smells wonderful.”
  “Yeah,” Kaidan agreed.
  They laid in the grass, holding hands, until they heard Steve clear his throat.
  “You two coming or not?” He asked. Trick knew without looking that the other man was smiling.
  “We’re coming,” Trick said.


So, I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block on what I should be writing, so I have been doing some random fan-fiction using writing prompts. Here’s what I did with the prompt “Under the Bed”. It’s Mass Effect fan-fiction by the way. Not really any spoilers… Enjoy. Or don’t, whatever, I had fun writing it.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron SDCC 2014 poster - Thor

by Charlie Wen 

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30 day coloring challenge - Create a coloring using only gradients

30 day coloring challenge - Create a coloring using only gradients

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